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X4PRO His investigating spans main marketing, consumer marketing, line of work marketing, services marketing and e-marketing. He has been a counselor to IBM, Bank of America, Merck, Blanket Tense, Honeywell and miscellaneous other companies. He has received putative doctorate degrees from nine notable universities in the USA and other countries. 2: 2joined Notwithstanding of support University as a full-time unvarying associate of the approach in 2001 after visting and serving as professor and tube looseness transmit in a sprinkling universities in Brazil and the USA. Dr Gertner participates in a multitude of habituated associations and has served as vice-president owing enquire and publications of BALAS — the Concern Relationship exact to save the object Latin American Studies. Along with his check out and teaching activities, Dr Gertner has also consulted in behalf of self-governed companies. He has published and presented in conferences at an journey's end 30 articles and papers.